-lips fit to the CNC chamber, provide perfect seal around the nozzle.
-no need of any tape or other addition to acchive sealing (can be added but nor required)
-external and internal dimensions changed to fit perfectly in both standard and F.A.S.T. chambers
-made of a more durable industrial rubber compared to silicone ones (it does not need to be soft and grippy since it dosn’t provide backspin)
-flat inside to make it R-hop ready (and required
-internally designed for PDI specs, probably fit most other barrels R-hoped
-increased hardness to expand pressure on the whole R-hop
-NOT suitable for Laylax/Prommy barrels

R-HOP for PDI barrels ONLY,60°
-injection molded
-silicone made to provide required backspin for the heavyest BBs (in F.A.S.T. lift .45 at setting ~1)
-made with perfect fitment in PDI barrel
-no cuts required
-thickness is the same as the barrel walls
-does what any other well made R-hop has to

R-hop: 7$
100% seal: 10$
Wolrdwide priority shipping: 3$/package