What is an airbrake an how it works?

Simplified: It’s a stick poking out of the piston head, before the impact of the piston it blocks the nozzle and creates and air cushion to slow it down and suppress the impact.

***MOUSE FART*** airbrake piston head

QUICK NOTICE: Airbrake works effectively only when shot with bb (heaviest possible). Without bb the impact will be still loud. The best way to test it’s efficiency is go outside and ask someone to shoot it 1-2 meter away from you. Like in this video:


General information:

-CNC 6063 aluminium made

-CNC made POM airbrake

-Dual layer O ring increases sealing at the first section of movent

-Cross compatible with both Silverback and creepy pistons

-Rubber bumper prevents the damage of aluminium (piston head never touch cylinder head)


17$ each.



General info:

-CNC POM made

-Centering the piston all along it’s movement

-Reduces the wobling of the piston

-Prevents metal to metal contact

-Increases stability

-Press fit on both ends os the piston

-Cross compatible with Silverback and Faceless piston ends. (You may need glue the front on Silverback piston heads)

-SETTING PRELOAD TO OF THE TRIGGER NECESARY (It changes the height of contact with the sear)




-Creepy piston body

-Both end spacers

-Mouse fart piston head

-19° steel rear end

-Assembled with blue Locktite 😛

38$ each set (until stock lasts)

This is VERY LIMITED item, and more than half of them already reserved.

In my setup with this assembly has 0 joule loss, and complete silence some meters away. The J loss can warry depending on your setup, the spring, the bb used, the sealing, barrel bore dia&lenght, ect…

With these parts you have 3 weight options (Silverback light & normal, FS creepy) you can also use the Silverback piston head if you do not need silence just pure power.

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Thank you for your support guys!