As I mention in the previous cupseal post I continue testing on the cup seals with breaks, because refused to belive they don’t work for me at all.

Contacted Silverback and they said a light sanding around the cup may help, so did that too, as you see on the picture it’s not even noticeable diference visually so don’t overdo it!

Seems like cupseals are like sneakers… Looking crisp brand new on the shelf, but wearing first feels weird… It takes a good month of use to feel comfy 😀

Before the first use the softening the cup did nothing, this time I spent a good five minutes with massageing the seal 😀

That made it seal and the fps drop was way less significant, but noise output was still really loud.

Didn’t want to give it up this point, kept shooting… After around the 5th mag the noise begin decreasing. Some mags later it’s almost as silent as mouse fart! Great progress!

Keep in mind the seput is exactly the same as the previous test. However I completly neglected the short and long brakes, short does nothing, long reduced the energy to 1.6J from 3.5J…

So far the conclusion is, we can make work the break cupseals, it just takes some effort and wear. Currently the noise output is comperable with the mouse fart, the fps loss is only ~10, from 400 to ~390 on .48, stability also acceptable.

Now the next step will be take it ingame, but I will bring a spare mouse fart too just in case 😀