If you read the first 2 articles you know that I had an issue, then it seemd to work itself out with some wearing.

After the last post I left the piston on the table for 2 days, nothing changed in the setup. Assembled to shoot some but it sound weird… Grabbed my chrono and placed some shots through it, again, the very same setup, nothing changed, just 2 days passes.

Here are the results:

Well after that I was quite confused, so put the Mouse Fart piston head back on to double check, sound is the usual, results are like this:

It was only 2 days after my latest post about the cupseal brakes, since I contacted Silverback for further advice. Tried reassembly. Also asked others with closely the same setup to see their results.

My final conclusion is, the 3J+ level is just too high for the these brakes with cup to work well.

Until further updates I will abbadon the orange caps and stick to O ring heads.

Expect for the 4.5J shooting test coming soon, those will be shot with the blue cap.