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Since some of you managed to damage the first batch of 100% seal, the second made of a different material. In theory it it less flexible and prevents the lips getting caught by the nozzle. Still, the correct carefull assembly […]

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The same concept, manufacturing process, tolerance and quality, but with different dimensions. Privides better range, more accuracy & more flat trajectory. Width fit to for most AEG chambers, however the variety of manufacturers, and their tolerance make some chambers too […]

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R-HOP for PDI only

R-HOP for PDI barrels ONLY,60° -injection molded -silicone made to provide required backspin for the heavyest BBs (in F.A.S.T. lift .45 at setting ~1) -made with perfect fitment in PDI barrel -no cuts required -thickness is the same as the […]

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Standard chamBer spacer

  -CNC aluminium made spacer -Smooth fit on the inner barrel and in the standard chamber Keeps the inner barrel perfectly centered in the chamber, no more play with the screws and adjusting by eye. Just add this, LIGHTLY tighten […]

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100% CHAMBER SEAL: -lips fit to the CNC chamber, provide perfect seal around the nozzle. -no need of any tape or other addition to acchive sealing (can be added but nor required) -external and internal dimensions changed to fit perfectly […]

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CNC bolt knob

New CNC made aluminium bolt knob available! Slim profile and only 4mm longer than the bolt handle. 3 rubber O-rings on the surface for extra grip. (Removeable) Matt black anodized. I have only limited quantity in stock and will be […]

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F.O.W. Nub general info: -Designed to F.A.S.T. chamber. -Provide equal pressure on the rubber. -No risk of cutting the rubber like oversized flat nubs would. -Optimal for R-Hop, works well with standard rubbers. -Dimensions fit to the F.A.S.T. chamber. -No […]

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