Not long ago Falcon posted their SRS pull bolt kit.

It’s a piston, a spring and a spring guide.

Quickly ordered one, the cost was 87$ and the shipping was super quick.

Let’s take a look at the set.

The piston body is one piece aluminiun, 52gr total weight.

The head has double O rigng, both has their own ventillation, the weird part is when the rifle cocked the rear ring is exposed. In hand the sealing seems good, will tell more when I could make a proper chrono and sealing test.


The front has a rubber bumper and a steel rod, the bumper works, but I yet to fugure out the purpose of the stick. (If anyone knows let me know.

The body has 2 spacers, those made of hard rubber insted of plastic, just a little undersired to the cylinder, but a bit reduceing the wobble.

The end is steel, but it is 90° insted of the 19°, it makes the trigger heavier, it may could be reduced by adjusting the preload, will investigate it further.

The spring is standard APS2 M160, will compare how hard it shoots compared to the SBA and Guarder springs.

The spring guide has bearing, it rolls smooth and light, but it’s rod it 8.5mm thick insted of 9mm. That causes quite noticeable spring vibration.

My conclusion is that the kit has potencial in it, the cost is rather all right, but it clearly has room for improvements.

I will be back with a proper chrono test sometimes at the weekend.

(The piston head has a thread on front, you know what that means 😀 )