Today I gave the new 2018 Silverback rubbers their first turn.

Choose to pair the 60° first with PDI barrel, and a piston setup that proven to work.

Keep in mind: This is not an upgrade rubber with some fancy surface and made up claims. It is the STOCK rubber of all SRS from the 2018 update.

Managed to mess up one during assembly, so cut that up to present the new sealing method and contact surface.

As you see the lips angled a little inrward, assembly does not take much force, however since it’s a tighter fit, more carefully handling required.

Before the test results let’s see how setting up done with a new rubber.

-Check sealing after assembly

-Chrono with the bb you will use

-Adjust the hopup to ingame setting (long range required)

-Chrono the muzzle energy after setting the hopup

-Fine tune spring pressure if necesary

-Check the muzzle energy

-Start testing.

In my case goal was 400fps on .48.

After assembly the velocity was 360fps, after setting the hopup 385fps, added 4 power up rings and it’s perfect 399.9fps 😀

Fps is rather stabil, completly aceptable.

Range is comperable with well made r-hop, it is hard to guess the accuracy at that range, but if I would be given a rifle as accurate I would not complain at all.

From the two main 2018 updates, the rubber is clearly a hit! I think it is skirmisable with confidence, if you are not r-hoped your setup yet or not interested in it, or if you got multiple and less frequently used setups, highly advise to have a handfull of these rubbers.

The only concers I have is durability, time will tell it, but after the first some 100 shots I have a bit worn inside of lips, seems like the nozzle choped of a thin slice of it. Also worth mentioning that it did not change anything regarding the shoots.

The next test phase will be done with 70° rubber, since I ran out of 60° and those worked the best for me before.