Old school stuff is old shool 😁
10 years ago my dream rifle was the m40a3 🙂 Back than there were no good options to have one… So I made a custom to myself, but made the mistake of building it on a tanaka, so it is just a wallhanger ever since.

Nowdays every brand brings out an m40a4/a5, and there are a few which actually worth grabbing them, like the S&T/Cyma.

520 fps out of the box, pdi(ish) chamber copy, steel cylinder, strong reliaable trigger mech but weirdly plastic piston and guide 🤔 Didn’t felt like take it apart yet, so more info only later on.

Externally it’s… Ok… No big deal, no wobbles flexes or any major issues, but for it’s price don’t expect a big deal…

The scope is sort of the issued scope for it in the USMC, but loading with the cheekpiece raised to be comfy with the scope is quite uncomfortable, my thumb keep bumping in the pad… One more reason to build the Wolverine Bolt into it.

Really not used to the proportions and inbalance if these old school rifles 😂 Look how cute they are together 😁