This barrel is inspired by the Proof Research barrels for the real DT rifles.

If you want to see some beautifull barrels google them.

In this case carbon is not for weight saving, just increase structural integrity and avoid spacers.

There were no ready options for me, the best barrel I shot so far is the PDI 10mm, but I love the idea of an external barrel full lenght fit on the internal without spacers.

The first and simpliest solution was printed spacers for 10mm barrel into a sport barrel. This did the job, but it’s really not a classy solution.

So I ordered some carbon tubes with diferent diameter:

As you see there are 3 carbon tubes here, a 10x14mm, 14x20mm and a 20x25mm.

The 10mm ID fits on the inner barrel, the 20mm OD fits in the sport barrel.

The process was simple, the sport barrel cut on lathe, the main piece which fits the rifle and the threaded end kept.

The two thinner carbon fit into each other with two component resin, that fixed in the remaining of the sport barrel. The 10mm bore is now reaches all along from the chamber to the muzzle.

At this point the barrel would be solid enough to be shot…. Just looks too thin.

The next step was cutting it to the inner barrel lenght what is 495mm, or 19.5″.

The external carbon tube is fitted mainly for the look… I know, I know, but just look how pretty the bull look is. 😀

The final touch was fixing the original 24mm thread at the end of the barrel for the DTSS.

Left the chamber assembled on the inner barrel on purpose, to see if the zero of the rifle changes, it did not, and the barrel is really solid.

I’m really happy how it turned out, if at any point I will make complete barrel assemblies those will look closly the same.

And now just take a look of the rifle assembled: