Before we getting into it, let’s talk a little about the company itself. I will totaly make a phrase up and call Silverback an “adaptive company”. I mean by that, that: they are like all should be. Closely monitoring user activity, keeping up with trends, standards and even setting up new ones. 2018 is not different, as the users expectations and standards increased they updated their main product according to this.

Let me tell, I’m not a cupseal fan. In a manufacturer standpoint a cupseal is a completly logical decision, it is a long time prowen and working method. But the same time, as a user I find it a little bit problematic, once you get cupseal the only way to change or replace it, is the manufacturer itself. While for an O ring sealed piston it’s always available a new ring locally, or even you can change and fine tune the ring diameter and hardness according to your needs.

I think we can completly skip the manufacturing quality topic, it’s just as nicely made as usual..

It’s the first piston what allows users such a wide range adjustment, but the best thing is, as all sane and reasonable company, they kept cross compatibility with the old products.

With O ring head the new piston has the same ‘point of seal’ and all the theads are compatible. Just awesome!

They improved assembly also, most of us strugle already with dissasembly of previous piston. Now they added assembly tools. AAAAAND the piston head got a hex part! It can be removed with a standard 12mm tool!
Took it apart in like… 2 seconds? Just great!

The new end makes the sear catch unnoticeable, like it wouldn’t even been there. Trigger feel remains the same.

Also they kept the diameters as before, so my spacer kits fit nicely!

Lets see the first shots, rifle setup is following:
-PDI 495 6.04
-100% seal
-60° rhop
-Guarder m150
-SBA bearing guide
-Longbow .48
-Mouse fart piston assembly & updated brake
-3.5J on heavy (397fps)
-Sub 3fps fluctuation
(Side note: this setup is fine tuned, even if I don’t have much gains from a certain part, that does NOT mean your setup won’t benefit neither)

As my mouse fart piston is 85gr assembled, set this piston the closest possible for an objective test, with 2 alu 1 steel weight its 82gr. Perfect to test shot.

First I was a bit afraid, in hand the blue cupseal has 0 seal, but when shot it’s nicely sealing.

Produced 410fps on .48, 3.7J with 4.6fps fluctuation. (The only thing changed is the piston)
It is pretty much aceptable, probably the cups need some time to wear in and shoot with better stability. The noise output is what you would expect from a non braked rifle.

The BAD:

Well, actually nothing really bad about this kit, that just made the title sound better…

Oh, I could live without blue and orange parts tho 😀


So here comes the whole weirdness!
Trust me, I tried it, and that too… Spent 500 bb on figure out if something is wrong or just that’s how it is?

The brake cups!
First suprsie is, the brakes are metal. I’v been thinking on that too, but my conclusion was if something not centric, plactic will be better.
Silverback solved this problem different, the brakes are bedded in the rubber cup… Awesome idea, the brakes can take up a minor eccentricity, and no need of precisely manufactured threads.

But how they sound? Well… Not good…
Keep in mind that this set is almost 4J without brake, and they test only up to their m170 spring.
Again, only thing changed are the cup and brakes (all shots taken with same cup)

Short brake:
420fps on .48, 3.9J and 2.6fps fluctuation.

Yes, with brake the J inceeased and the fps stabilized further, it is probably due to the cup change.

What about the sound? Well that does not changed a slight bit, as fair my hearing concerned.

Middle lenght brake:

340fps on .48, 2.65J and 12.6fps fluctuation.

This is not an acceptable result regarding the J and stability and still very very loud… What the hell is going on??
The lenght is just the same as the mouse fart upgraded brake and that has no audible impact noise…

Long brake:

230fps on .48, 1.17J and 19.1fps fluctuation

Just do not talk about that al all…
Even if it would be silent, that would not be acceptable.

The results with long brake also backed up by other user with Guarder m150, and I tend to think that this is just too much for the caps with brakes.


Before jumping to conclusion I will try the heads with SBA m170 and Falcon m160 and see how those perform.

As I mention, they kept cross compatibility with old products. That means fart heads work with the variable mass body!!!

Still set to ~80-85gr, with fart head it got back to close 400fps and sub 3fps stability. (Not pictured)

But fine tune it more!

Variable mass piston body + mouse fart head + 2 front and rear spacer..
Begin with 4 alu rings and increases the weight step by step….
However my J did not increase, the fps stilly was between 395-400, but at 3 steel rings and 117gr, the stability just mindblowing sub 1, with out of the bottle .48 Longbow (not the cleaned, sorted)
The 4th steel ring slightly decreased the fps so kept only 3.

For now on this will be my ingame piston until I don’t figure out what’s up with the brake cups.

The next part the new rubbers shot test is coming! 😀