We got to a point when R-hop is not black magic, or a secret of some tech’s hidden their workshops.

A further step to R-hop all rifles possible is this.

An R-hop for standard Silverback barrels, a pleasent surpsire that this patch also fits a lot of other barrels too, for example Tokio Marui stock barrels.

However, stock barrels are not as precisely manufactured as high end barrels, so windows can vary a little manufacturer-to-manufacturer or even batch-to-batch. Patch may will fit tighter to the given window or loose. The only way to find out efficiency is to try.

Genaral info:

-injection molded
-silicone made to provide required backspin for the heavyest BBs (in F.A.S.T. lift .45 at setting ~1)
-no cuts required
-thickness is the same as the barrel walls
-does what any other well made R-hop has to