Hello and welcome in my yard!

I have plenty of stuff I do not need anymore. There are sniper gear, leftover parts, some prototypes, will constantly update.

If you are interested in them or need further information snap me a PM on facebook!

Rules are simple, prices in USD, you pay the shipping too, payment via payapal, only tracked shipping expect if you ask for something else.

Eagle Industries SFLCS. Used by some marine dude, and me, still in perfect condition and it will outlast all of us…


Russian sniper kit


As on pictures, belt, inner belt, harness, pouches. Grenade pouch barely fits mk23 mags. Svd mag pouch for SRS mags.

Russian military item.


British plce or something…


Viper belt, condor harness.


Visionking scope

-3-12×50 FFP

-35mm monotube

Its huuuge.

As far as I know it is a one of it’s kind scope, not sure if exactly this version was released.


Visionking scope


-fix zoom

-30mm monotube

Beautifull image quality


Wolverine BOLT kit

Previous owner scratched up the Storm, not effecring function.

Its on my shelf for a year now, possibly worth a lubrication at the O rings…

Last time it functioned perfectly, I just lost interest in HPA, but I can build it in an SRS if you want…

Includes batery and wires and new microswitch.


ZCI 415 custom 40$

ZCI 420 ER-milled custom 70$ (more info in pm)

Lambda 6.05 420 50$

#1 70$ please do not ask how it would perform in your rifle

#2 40$

#3 35$

#4 30$

Complete barrel setup assembled



For more info snap me a PM on FB!